infinix hot 12i price in nigeria

infinix hot 12i price in nigeria
infinix hot 12i price in nigeria

The infinix hot 12i was released in April 2022, it runs and powered by android 11 operating system, providing customers with a modern and packed with features mobile experience. It comes with battery capacity of 5000mAh and a standby time of 62 days, it also has a DTS audio processing for movies, find out more about infinix hot 12i including key features, full specifications and it latest price today below.

infinix hot 12i price in nigeria

infinix hot 12iprice in nigeria
infinix hot 12i price in nigeria₦90,000

The infinix hot 12i price in nigeria is at the range of ₦90,000, it has up to 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM with triple 13MP F1.8 wide aperture camera. Experience the perfect blend of performance, as the infinix hot 12i empowers you with its impressive features but yet affordable.

Key Features

Super Storage with Files Cleanup in 64GB of ROM

Up to 7GB of additional RAM

Power Marathon Lasting Fun 5000mAh

Triple 13MP F1.8 Wide Aperture Camera

Display Size: 6.6″ IPS Premium Super Bright

DTS audio processing for movies

full specifications of infinix hot 12i
full specifications of infinix hot 12i

Full Specifications of infinix hot 12i

AF/FF8MP FF/13MP AF Triple Camera
Tools and Sensors
WIFI(WLAN)IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Model and Dimension
Weight and Color
COLORRacing Black/Horizon Blue/Haze Green/Champagne Gold
Operating System

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Overview of infinix hot 12i
Overview of infinix hot 12i



Bandwidth:2G: Supports bands 3 and 8, ensuring dependable 2G connectivity.

3G: Compatibility with bands 1 and 8, providing excellent 3G network connection.

4G: Provides wide 4G coverage with support for bands 1, 3, 7, 8, and 20, delivering fast and dependable mobile data connectivity.

Network:4G/3G/2G: This smartphone connects to 4G, 3G, and 2G networks effortlessly, helping you stay connected regardless of your location or network availability.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):Built-In: The Infinix Hot 12i has a built in GPU that improves your gaming and entertainment experiences by delivering smooth visuals and rendering.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) Frequency:2.0GHz: This smart phone’s powerful 2.0GHz CPU frequency offers fast and responsive performance, making multitasking and running apps an easy task.

Throughput:CAT-4: With CAT-4 throughput capabilities, this device provides enough data speeds for surfing, streaming, and downloading content, making it suited for a wide range of online activities.


GPRS (General Packet Radio Service):The Infinix Hot 12i supports GPRS technology, which allows for basic data transfer over a cellular network. While not as fast as 3G, 4G, or 5G, GPRS allows for basic internet connectivity and text based services, making it appropriate for tasks like as message sending and light online browsing.

EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution): EDGE is a quicker data transfer rate update to the earlier GPRS technology. With EDGE functionality on the Infinix Hot 12i, you can enjoy faster internet connectivity for tasks like email and basic web browsing.

3G (Third Generation): The Infinix Hot 12i has 3G connectivity, which allows for better data speeds than GPRS and EDGE. You can enjoy faster web surfing, video streaming, and a better overall online experience with 3G.

4G (Fourth Generation): This phone supports 4G LTE technology, which is much quicker than 3G. You can enjoy blazing fast internet connections, flawless video streaming, and speedy downloads with 4G on the Infinix Hot 12i. It’s best suited to applications that demand data and online gaming.

5G (Fifth Generation): Infinix Hot 12i also has 5G connectivity, which is the most recent and quickest generation of mobile network technology. 5G provides ultra fast download and upload speeds, near instantaneous web browsing, and support for upcoming technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.


Location: – The Infinix Hot 12i has both front and rear cameras, allowing you to capture moments from numerous angles.

Pixels: – The front camera is 8MP, ensuring bright and vibrant selfies, while the rear camera is a 13MP Triple Camera system for detailed photos.

AF/FF (Auto Focus/Fixed Focus): The Infinix Hot 12i has an 8MP Fixed Focus (FF) front camera for stable, well focused selfies and a 13MP Auto Focus (AF) Triple Camera on the back for sharp, precise photos.

Flashlight: This smartphone has a Dual Rear Flash, which ensures bright images in low light conditions. It also has a Single Front Flash, which improves your selfie performance even in darkness.

Video Recording: With video recording functionality, you may capture notable moments in motion and save them for later use.

Video: – The Infinix Hot 12i offers Full HD video recording at 1080P@30FPS, resulting in high quality videos with clarity and smoothness.

Image Size: – The highest image size for the front camera is an astounding 3264 x 2448 pixels, ensuring detailed and sharp selfies. The back camera has an even greater quality, with a maximum image size of 4208 x 3120 pixels, guaranteeing that your photos capture every detail clearly.


ROM 64GB: The Infinix Hot 12i has a sizable 64GB of internal storage. This massive storage capacity allows you to store an endless number of programs, photographs, movies, and data without fear of running out of space. This gadget ensures you have large storage capacity for your needs, whether you’re a multimedia lover or a productivity driven people.

RAM 4GB (Up to 7GB Extended RAM): With 4GB of RAM, the Infinix Hot 12i allows for seamless and efficient multitasking. This device keeps everything running smoothly, whether you’re managing many programs or performing heavy on resources tasks. Furthermore, it has an extended RAM capability that can increase your available RAM to 7GB as needed, ensuring superior performance even during hard tasks.

External Memory Supported Up to 512GB: Do you require even more storage? With up to 512GB of external memory expansion capability, the Infinix Hot 12i has you covered. This means you can easily insert a microSD card and gain access to massive amounts of extra storage space. This device has enough of storage space for a large music library, superior quality films, and large document files.

Tools and Sensors

G-SENSOR (Gravity Sensor): The G-Sensor, commonly known as a gravity sensor, is built into the Infinix Hot 12i. This sensor detects changes in motion and rotation on your smartphone. It’s the reason your device’s screen turns when you turn it. The G-Sensor improves gaming experiences by ensuring that your smartphone responds to your motions intelligently.

E-COMPASS (Electronic Compass): While the Infinix Hot 12i has a variety of sensors, it lacks an electronic compass (e-compass). An e-compass helps navigation and map applications by determining the direction your device is facing. Although it is not included in this model, you may still take advantage of many other advantages.

GYROSCOPE: The Infinix Hot 12i lacks the capacity to properly detect and measure rotation or orientation due to the lack of a gyroscope. In augmented reality (AR) apps and some game experiences, gyroscopes are frequently used. Some advanced AR features may be limited in the absence of this sensor.

LIGHT SENSOR: The Infinix Hot 12i’s built in light sensor allows it to automatically change screen brightness based on the surrounding light conditions. This feature not only improves user comfort but also saves battery life by automatically adjusting screen brightness as needed.

PROXIMITY SENSOR: The proximity sensor on the Infinix Hot 12i is useful during phone calls. When you bring your phone close to your ear on a call, this sensor detects it and turns off the screen to prevent accidental touch inputs. It’s a simple yet necessary tool for smooth phone conversation.

FINGERPRINT SENSOR: The fingerprint sensor on the Infinix Hot 12i adds ease and security. This sensor allows you to quickly and securely unlock your device by simply placing your registered finger on it. It adds an extra layer of security to your smartphone, guaranteeing that your data is safe and only accessible to you.

infinix hot 12i price
infinix hot 12i price


Audio Player:

The Infinix Hot 12i will transport you to another world of music. This flexible device supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3, MIDI, AMR, and WAV. Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or simply setting the mood with calming melodies, the Hot 12i’s audio player provides excellent sound quality and compatibility with a wide range of audio formats.

Ringtone Format:

You can easily customize the sound profile on your phone. The Infinix Hot 12i supports MIDI and MP3 ringtone formats. Personalize your incoming call alerts and notifications by selecting from a wide range of songs and sounds. With these diverse ringtone selections, you can express your individual style while also setting the right tone for any kind of event.

Video Player:

Bring your movies to life on the Infinix Hot 12i’s brilliant screen. This device includes popular video formats such as 3GP, MP4, and AVI. Whether you’re watching movies, streaming videos, or sharing your own video creations, the Hot 12i’s video player provides smooth playback and bright images for an engaging viewing experience.

Picture Format:

The Infinix Hot 12i allows you to capture and enjoy your favorite moments in spectacular detail. This smartphone supports a variety of image formats, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. Either you’re taking photos, looking through your gallery, or sharing images with friends and family, the Hot 12i ensures that your images are shown with clarity and precision, retaining every remarkable detail.


With the Infinix Hot 12i’s integrated FM radio, you can stay amused on the go. Listen to your favorite local stations, listen the news, or listen to music without relying on data or streaming services. The FM radio feature keeps you linked to the airways whether you’re commuting or taking a relaxing walk.

With the Infinix Hot 12i’s voice recording feature, you can easily capture critical events, record talks, or simply take voice notes. This useful application allows you to preserve and playback your recordings, ensuring that you never miss an important information. Voice recording streamlines your audio demands, whether for work, education, or personal use.

While the Infinix Hot 12i excels in many aspects, it lacks an E-Book Reader. As a result, if you’re searching for a device specialized to digital reading, it might not be the best option. If you want to read your favorite books on this device, you can still access them through other apps or platforms.

The gaming possibilities of the Infinix Hot 12i provide hours of amusement. Engage yourself in the world of mobile gaming by diving into your favorite mobile games, challenging your friends, and getting yourself in the world of mobile gaming. The Hot 12i provides a smooth and engaging gaming experience because to its solid hardware and responsive controls, making it ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers.


Using the Infinix Hot 12i, you can stay connected with ease. You may access your emails on the move with email functionality. You have the convenience of email at your fingertips, whether it’s for work, personal communication, or staying up to date on important messages.

With the Infinix Hot 12i, you can do more than just texting. You can send and receive multimedia content such as photographs, videos, and audio messages using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) capabilities. It’s a great way to personalize your chats and share special moments with friends and family.


Capacity: 5000mAh
The Infinix Hot 12i’s 5000mAh battery provides exceptional durability. Even with intensive usage, this powerhouse keeps you connected and entertained all day.

Talk Time: 34 Hours
The Infinix Hot 12i allows you to stay connected and involved in discussions for prolonged periods of time. With a talk time of 34 hours, you can make calls, video chat, and catch up with friends and family without worrying about your battery dying. It’s the ideal companion for individuals who rely on their phones for communication.

Standby Time: 62 Days
The Infinix Hot 12i pushes power efficiency to new heights, with a 62 days standby time. Whether you need to keep your phone on standby when traveling or in an emergency, this device guarantees it is ready when you are. You’ll have confidence in your mind knowing that your phone won’t die when you need it the most.


DUAL NANO SIM + MICRO SD SIM CARD SLOT The Infinix Hot 12i’s dual nano SIM card slots provide versatility, enabling you to handle two SIM cards for simple communication. It also has a dedicated slot for a micro SD card, which provides expanded capacity for all of your photographs, movies, and apps.

GPS Navigation (YES): Use the Infinix Hot 12i’s built in GPS to navigate with confidence. Whether you’re touring new areas or just getting around town, this smartphone keeps you on track and gets you to your destination on time.

WLAN – IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac: With the Infinix Hot 12i’s extensive Wi-Fi support, you may connect to the internet with ease. It is compliant with the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards, ensuring quick and dependable wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth: With Bluetooth functionality on the Infinix Hot 12i, you can stay connected to a range of devices. Connect your smartphone to headphones, speakers, or other compatible devices for an effortlessly experience.

USB Port: Using the inbuilt USB connector, you can easily transfer data and charge your smartphone. This function streamlines connectivity, whether you’re synchronizing data with your PC or charging your phone.

OTG: While the Infinix Hot 12i has a variety of connectivity options, it does not support USB On-The-Go (OTG), therefore you cannot connect external USB devices such as flash drives or keyboards.

Earphones (3.5mm jack): Using the 3.5mm headphone port, you can listen to music and take calls without difficulty. The Infinix Hot 12i comes with a conventional audio interface.

**Charge Output (5V-2A) The Infinix Hot 12i has a charge output of 5 volts at 2 amps (5V-2A), which ensures efficient and reasonably rapid charging periods, keeping your device ready for use.

FM: With the FM radio capabilities of the Infinix Hot 12i, you may listen to your favorite radio stations while on the road. Stay up to speed on news, listen to music, or watch talk shows without needing an internet connection.


Size: 6.6” Inch
The big 6.6-inch display of the Infinix Hot 12i allows for an extensive and rich visual adventure. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or surfing, this large screen provides enough of space for all your information, making every interaction a pleasure.

Type: IPS
The Infinix Hot 12i has an IPS (In plane Switching) display, which is noted for its brilliant colors, wide viewing angles, and sharp image clarity. With IPS technology, you can experience crisp images from practically any angle, ensuring that your content looks excellent no matter how you hold your tablet.

Resolution: 1612*720
Prepare to be impressed by the Infinix Hot 12i’s excellent display. With a resolution of 1612, 720, your photographs, films, and games come to life with amazing clarity and detail. Dive into the realm of sharpness.

Material: TFT
The Infinix Hot 12i uses TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology, which improves the screen’s responsiveness and overall performance. TFT displays are famous for their speed and dependability, ensuring that your interactions with the device are smooth and quick.

infinix hot 12i
infinix hot 12i

Model and Dimension

Model X665B:
Meet the Infinix Hot 12i, the personification of modern technology. This smartphone, model X665B, is intended to change your mobile experience. It’s the ideal companion for tech enthusiasts, with creative functions and a beautiful style.

Dimensions: 164.80×76.40×8.75mm
The compact and ergonomic design of the Infinix Hot 12i is 164.80mm in height, 76.40mm in width, and 8.75mm in thickness. These dimensions create the perfect combination between comfort and design, making it simple to grasp while offering a sleek and stylish appeal. This device integrates smoothly into your lifestyle, whether you’re on the go or at home.

Weight and Color

Color Variations:

Racing Black: Experience the sleek and bold design of the Infinix Hot 12i in Racing Black. This color option radiates refinement and a hint of mystery, creating a statement everywhere you go.

Horizon Blue: Dive into the world of tranquillity and quiet with the Horizon Blue edition of the Infinix Hot 12i. This color has a pleasant and peaceful appearance, reminiscent of pure skies and ocean horizons.

Haze Green: The Haze Green option embodies nature inspired elegance. The Infinix Hot 12i in Haze Green exudes brightness and freshness, making it ideal for individuals who appreciate a touch of nature.

Champagne Gold: Choose the Champagne Gold variation for a touch of elegance and timeless charm. This color scheme radiates grandeur and sophistication, ensuring that your Infinix Hot 12i stands out in every scenario.


The Infinix Hot 12i is created with your comfort in mind, weighing only 190g. It strikes the ideal combination between robust feel and lightweight portability, allowing you to carry it comfortably throughout the day without adding bulk. The lightweight design of this phone makes it a pleasure to handle and use no matter where your activities take you.

Operating System

Android 11: The Infinix Hot 12i is powered by the strong Android 11 operating system, providing customers with a modern and packed with features mobile experience. Android 11 has improved privacy controls, faster performance, and a more user friendly design.

It keeps your device up to current with the newest software innovations, making it a dependable and safe alternative for your daily tasks and entertainment demands. Take advantage of Android’s large app ecosystem and easy integration with the Infinix Hot 12.

Where to purchase the infinix hot 12i in Nigeria

To purchase the infinix hot 12i in Nigeria, you can explore the following options:

Infinix Stores: Infinix has several authorized retail stores and outlets across major cities in Nigeria. You can visit these stores to purchase the infinix hot 12i directly. Check the Infinix website or contact their customer support for a list of authorized stores near your location.

Online Retailers: Various online retailers in Nigeria offer the Infinix hot 12i for purchase. Some popular options include Jumia and Konga.

When was Infinix Hot 12i released in Nigeria

The infinix hot 12i was released in April 2022, it runs and powered by android 11 operating system, providing customers with a modern and packed with features mobile experience

how much is infinix hot 12i in nigeria

The infinix hot 12i price in nigeria is at the range of ₦90,000, it has up to 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM with triple 13MP F1.8 wide aperture camera

Does infinix hot 12i have fingerprint

Yes, The fingerprint sensor on the Infinix Hot 12i adds ease and security. This sensor allows you to quickly and securely unlock your device by simply placing your registered finger on it

How many GB RAM is infinix hot 12i

RAM 4GB (Up to 7GB Extended RAM): With 4GB of RAM, the Infinix Hot 12i allows for seamless and efficient multitasking. This device keeps everything running smoothly, whether you’re managing many programs or performing heavy on resources tasks

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